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Made in France


HORUS Mini is an instrument (EMS) for displaying the engine RPM and the main operating parameters of the ROTAX 912/914 engines and which integrates the horameter function.


The instrument (EMS) is very compact and very light, 57 mm format and easy to install. It has a 100% black anodized aluminum case for better quality and durability. The front side is watertight which makes it suitable for installation on pendulum ultralights and gyroplanes without cabin. The connection is provided by a 9-pin sub D type socket. It comes with the connector prepared.


The user interface is based on several successive screens to improve the readability of the data. A system of color codes and icons makes it possible to know immediately if the parameters are nominal or not while presenting the information with the best readability.


The information available is:

  • Engine speed

  • Oil pressure

  • Oil temperature

  • CHT

  • Voltage

  • Fuel level

  • Hour meter reading.


In addition the maximum values ​​of the parameters are recorded during the flight and can be consulted in a specific page. These values ​​are reset when the instrument is turned off (digital interface model only).


The instrument (EMS) is directly connected to the motor sensors whose characteristics are described in the ROTAX installation manual (



  • Much lighter than analog equivalent instruments or other systems

  • Maximum and fast readability

  • Extremely compact for installation even on very small dashboards

  • Waterproof for use on pendulum or gyroplane

  • Ready to use without parameterization except the thresholds of the fuel gauge

  • Very easy to install and comes with pre-wired connector

  • Ability to initialize the hour meter by SD card at any value to resume the number of hours of flight

  • Compatible ROTAX 912/914




  • Power supply 9 - 18V

  • Power consumption 80 mA

  • Weight 90 g

  • Dimensions 57 x 68 x 30 mm


Some customer installations:

                 Savage Cub                                                A22L2                                Autogire MTO Sport

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