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1st step :


Complete the return form below, upon receipt of it, UL CONTROL will provide you with a return number to be indicated on the package.

Warning: Any package that does not have a visible return number will not be accepted, the resulting fees can not be claimed from UL CONTROL.


2nd step:


Pack the merchandise, taking care to protect the elements, any damaged merchandise cannot be exchanged or refunded. Items must be returned to us in their original packaging.

Do not forget to indicate the return number on your parcel in order to avoid a refusal of the latter and attach the invoice.

The shipment of the goods must imperatively be delivered against signature and with a tracking number, UL CONTROL cannot be held responsible in the event of loss of the package.


3rd step:


Upon receipt of your package, UL CONTROL will take charge of it and will inform you of the progress of the processing of your request.

Return address:


25 rue de la Verdière

K2 Les pomègues

13090 Aix en Provence

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