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NEWS 2022

In 2022 UL CONTROL develops and transforms radically to give itself new means of design and manufacture. UL CONTROL now relies on two new recognized industrial partners, one specialist in the manufacture of electronic cards, the other in the design of embedded systems. These will now allow us to achieve the best standards of quality and performance in the field of electronics, but also to design and offer more efficient and more innovative products in accordance with the best standards. The new form of UL CONTROL will be effective in the spring of 2022 and a new range of products will start to be presented in mid-2022 unfortunately due to the constraints linked to the current semiconductor crisis. Until then UL CONTROL continues to improve and support its Horus products and will always listen to its customers. We thank you for your interest and for the trust of our customers and we will be happy to offer you new products and services soon.


UL CONTROL French company created in 2019 by an engineer, pilot of ultralight with more than fifteen years of experience with a global aircraft manufacturer, designs and manufactures avionics products dedicated to non-certified aviation in a spirit of simplicity of installation and use with primary attention to safety and ergonomics.

The UL CONTROL team, all specialists and pilots, strives to improve the experience and pleasure of piloting and to offer an investment / pleasure ratio without any equivalent on the market.

Our values


Our products incorporate aeronautics security and reliability requirements. They are rigorously tested during their development and each product is tested before delivery.


Too much information kills information: based on the experiences of manufacturers and professional pilots, UL CONTROL products always seek simplicity and ergonomics taking into account the human factor by limiting the pilot's workload.



Pragmatic, we listen to our customers and their real needs, without technological bidding.


Service / Cost ratio

UL CONTROL puts its experience of industrial rationalization at the service of its customers, so that everyone can fly to modern standards if they wish.

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