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Made in France

Last release:

V1.6 - 1.9

HORUS is a real management aid system for Rotax 912/914 carbureted engines. It allows the display of several engine parameters and even integrates an MAP sensor, but above all it has several functions for monitoring engine operation in order to help the pilot to stay within the range of use recommended by the manufacturer of the engine.


The instrument is in 80mm format. The case is in black anodized aluminum for a long life. The instrument is directly connected to the engine sensors, the characteristics of which are described in the ROTAX installation manual ( The connection is made via a pluggable terminal block which allows easy disconnection and does not require soldering neither crimping.


The interface and control of the instrument are based on a touch screen. The ergonomics of the user interface have been developed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. The interface adapts automatically to the different operating phases: ground phase with engine stopped, ground phase with engine running in pre-heating, flight phase, etc.


HORUS provides the pilot with only 1 main flight information, very easily configurable, and 1 secondary flight information, also very easily configurable, in order to limit the pilot's load as much as possible, but without neglecting safety. Indeed, HORUS ensures continuous monitoring of engine parameters and immediately alerts the pilot in the event of leaving the nominal range. HORUS identifies the non-nominal parameter (s) that the pilot can easily find and consult. Of course, the pilot can access any parameter at any time.

The use of other instruments installed in parallel with the Horus (on the same sensors / signals) is not possible (contact us in case of doubt).

The parameters measured are:

  • Engine speed

  • Manifold pressure

  • Oil pressure

  • Oil temperature

  • Cylinder head temperature

  • EGT temperature - Onboard voltage

  • Tank level 1

  • Tank level 2

  • Fuel pressure

  • Engine running time

  • Flight time

In addition to displaying the parameters, the instrument offers 3 functions:

  • Min / Max function

  • Log function

  • Magneto function

In particular, the Log function provides information on engine operation: hour meter, number of starting cycles, average operating speed, over-speeds, etc.

Also, HORUS offers a semi-automated magnetos test function, always in order to facilitate the pilot's task.

Main Features:

  • 9 - 18V power supply

  • Consumption 180 mA

  • Weight 215 g

  • Dimensions 96 x 80 x 40 mm


    V1.0   december 2020

              first release

    V1.1   march 2021

              improvement of interface

    V1.2.  april 2021

              improvement of interface

    V1.3  may 2021

              add new types of fuel pressure sensor

     V1.4  may 2021

              Bugs correction (display,...)

     V1.5 juillet 2021

             few improvements + add new yellow area for battery tension (13 - 13.2V)

     V1.5 - 1.6  december 2021

             Bug correction for PT100 probes

     V1.6 - V1.7 june 2022

             Few improvements of the user interface

   V1.6 - V1.8 september 2022

            Improvement for VDO type oil pressure sensor

   V1.6 - V1.9 march 2023

            Added compatibility with new resistive fuel gauges


Customer installations:

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